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Start Earning Passive Revenue Today With GDP!

GDP is a BURSTcoin token, like an Ethereum ERC20 token, a BURST token may enhance the already powerful architecture of the BURSTcoin network.

Goodplanets Technologies deploys the BURSTcoin Asset architecture to automate cryptographic annuities and other decentralized financial services to GDP clientele.

#DIY #DeFi on #BURSTcoin!
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Did you know Goodplanets has been serving Passive Revenue since 2018!?

GDP’s passive revenue architecture is sort of like a traditional annuity without the shady insurance company and GDP is powered by the BURSTcoin blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining yields instead of that ponzi like stock market.

Each GDP BURST token distributes a share of our revenue pool which derives revenue from cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency staking, cryptocurrency trading and enterprise sales.

I know what you are probably thinking right now, “There’s no way this is a legit product or offer!”

Well you might be surprised, here have a look at our bookkeeping process.

GDP Oracle

How to become a GDP subscriber and receive $BURST daily

-Put BURST in your wallet from Bittrex.com BTDEX or any other cryptocurrency exchange.

-Go to the BURST Asset Exchange in your BURST wallet and look up GDP asset ID: 11280075245570987091

-In the BTDEX currency selector select “Add” and paste in the GDP asset code: 11280075245570987091

-Welcome To Goodplanets Technologies! GDP and Passive Revenue for anyone!

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