What is Passive Income and how can it serve me?

This is not financial advice or a profit opportunity and there are no guarantees with daily rewards.

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. www.investopedia.com

Hi, I’m Goodplanets and I’m the sole proprietor of Goodplanets Technologies and I’m proud to offer an ecologically efficient technologically advanced passive income service known as “GDP” a cryptographic architecture I designed that is based on the BURSTcoin network. ( I named it after me, Goodplanets!)

Long story short, I made this machine that mines buku cryptocurrency, you know, BTC and stuff? So we utilize this amazing algorithm known as Proof of Capacity and it’s super cost effective! I think it’s a really neat project so I have decided that I want to share this concept with the world.

Subsequently, I created a smart contract on the BURST coin platform to generate 1 Million GDP service tokens to share with folks like you and I who are willing to venture into this cryptocurrency mining passive revenue opportunity with me.

Effectively this “smart contract” creates an architecture that allows Goodplanets Technologies to distribute mining revenue to GDP subscribers, known as “Hodlers”.

It’s quite a simple process actually. Goodplanets Technologies mine the coins and then we exchange them for BURST. The BURST is then distributed among GDP token holders via GDP smart contract architecture. The Total Net Revenue is distributed evenly among all active GDP tokens!

~Of course, Goodplanets Tech uses daily rewards from mining to cover electrical costs and other needs like cooling and storage and then after a 5% operators fee the rest of the revenue goes to GDP subscribers!

Although the Goodplanets Technologies token GDP is not a currency per se 1 GDP roughly represents one gigabyte of HDD hardware mining capacity and this power is increasing as Goodplanets Technologies grows.

Despite the revenue GDP users subscribe to there is no guarantee as to what rewards they will receive. we do not promote this opportunity as an investment and there is no promise of an ROI, unfortunately. According to SEC guidelines describing our public offering in this way would be illegal.

To put it this public offering into the existing legal framework GDP is best described as a service token and all one has to do is merely deposit GDP tokens to your BURST wallet to receive passive income. Simple as that.

By the way, once our clients source GDP tokens from the BURST market have the immidiate option to select a refund for their purchase of up to $500 direct and by arrangement there-after in a timely manner.

GDP is an opportunity for any one with any sized economy. More than half of GDP users hold less than 100 GDP and therefore have bought less than $20 in real world value yet they receive regular passive revenue distribution daily. The more tokens you hold the more passive revenue you may earn.

As of yet, Goodplanets Technologies has over 45 clients world wide and is growing quickly.

I’m so confident your going to love this product / service that I have an open door policy that anyone may have a gander at all the enterprise addresses via blockchain explorer and the Goodplanets Technologies Balance Sheet of the company is public as well.

Goodplanets Technologies delivers reporting daily and our clients all have buku positive reviews!

you can ask them yourself in GDP-Mining.com Discord Server

Did you know Goodplanets has been serving Passive Revenue since May 2018!?

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How to become a subscriber and receive $BURST daily

The barrier to subscribe to GDP services is low and is decreasing nonetheless here’s what you need to know to subscribe.

GDP services are only available on the BURST network via open source BURST wallet software.

Goodplanets Technologies recommends our partner’s up and coming wallet BTDEX which is a powerful BURST wallet and the latest in BURST wallet technology but any BURST wallet with asset control will suffice.

At this point in time one must exchange $BURST on market for the $GDP token of service.

Once a potential client like yourself has a BURST wallet then they will need the Asset Code to search the BURST blockchain for the GDP network.

GDP’s BURST ASSET CODE : 11280075245570987091

In the BTDEX currency selector select “+” and paste in the GDP asset code and VIOLA!

Welcome To Goodplanets Technologies! GDP and Passive Revenue for anyone!

Pictograph chart displaying an overview of how Goodplanets Technologies generates value and distributes it among subscribers.