Like Grayscale met an ETF on BURST

GDP is a BURST Token.

Like an Ethereum ERC20 token you may buy, sell and hold GDP. But uniquely by holding you’ll receive GDP daily BURST rewards provided by Goodplanet’s Technologies revenue.

GDP tokens are a store of value guaranteed by the assets of the fund, cryptographic and physical.

Our ‘sick gainz’ derive from wholesome and realistic exposure to large cap cryptocurrency markets and super efficient HDD mining rewards.

First, our growing +250TB miner consumes in electricity less than 10kwh/day! Goodplanet’s eco-efficient HDD Mining Farm mines the backbone of GDP revenue. Solid.

Second, We’re quite prudential in cryptocurrency investing.

We don’t just HODL BTC and ETH we APE into [audited]DEFI contracts with Wrapped Bitcoin and Ethereum Liquidity Tokens to farm Ethereum and ERC20 tokens like UNI and SUSHI.

Furthermore, we do be long corn(BTC) and Etheruem. Our savvy cash deposit averaging strategy combined with super low margin trading builds sizable and profitable positions for long term growth in large cap alts.

2 words: “CHA – CHING”, but we don’t stop there.

Goodplanet’s Technologies invest a portion of our proceeds into research of automation, dApp, smart contract development and we have already developed security products for your social groups like Discord and Telegram bringing our community a top level of security and the power of DEFI closer to your fingertips on BURST and in Discord.

Finally, proceeds from our technology sales support GDP holders as well.


Feel free to drop by, ask questions and become part of the GDP community!

Contact us at or visit us in developer discord

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